Apartment Renovation

Renovation of a 2,700 sf apartment in the landmarked Osborne Apartments building to include a new kitchen 3 bathrooms, new air conditioning and humidity controls, new windows as well as the restoration of historic woodwork.

The original apartments in this building had very small kitchen tucked away in the back of the apartment, meant to be staffed by invisible servants. The owners like to cook and entertain and the challenge was to integrate a new kitchen in the daily flow of the apartment to reflect their contemporary way of life while at the same time respecting the character of the spaces.

We accomplished this by positioning the kitchen in place of the original dining room, next to the double living room fronting on 57th street. The two spaces communicate through a large opening that can be closed off with the restored original sliding doors.

The other design challenge was to find the right balance between old and new, between faithful restoration and new contemporary elements. The contemporary design of the bathrooms and kitchen with their crisply detailed finishes is complemented by the richness of the existing woodwork and flooring which were restored.

Because of the generous ceiling heights of the apartment the new air conditioning system could be accommodated in a space over a walk in closet and the guest bathroom which is also used for supplemental storage space.