New Townhomes Development

Willow Street, Yonkers, NY
Feasibility Study

These seven attached "town-homes" are intended for first time buyers of modest means. Each unit has two apartments: one on the ground floor for rental and one on the second and third floor for the owner. Our scheme uses the existing beautiful mature trees to give shade, character and a sense of place to a courtyard at the heart of the new group of buildings. The design of the "town-homes" themselves is based on combining the typology of the adjacent Willow Street tenements and the ubiquitous 19th century urban row-house entered from a low stoop.

The design makes full use of the outdoors, providing, for each unit, a garden with a paved patio at the ground floor and a large deck at the second floor. The design is also environmentally conscious: all the units are cross ventilated, the parking area is surfaced with planted permeable pavers and each building is intended to have a "green" roof.


Client: WestHab, Inc.
Area: 19,734.8 SF.
Number of Units: 14 (7 rentals)
Number of Parking Spaces: 22
Scope of Services: Feasibility Study